Modern Fast-food Restaurant Interior Design and Renovation

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  The modern fast-food restaurant interior design impresses many customer groups. One of the crucial factors when opening a fast food restaurant is choosing a good location with a crowd of passersby. In addition to the popular areas and serving tasty dishes, guests spend their time in eateries because of the original interiors. Restaurant decorations are the first element that attracts their attention. If you are looking for ideas for renovating a fast food restaurant, read our tips below. They will help you design a unique, comfortable hospitality interior in line with your company’s profile.

Defining a Restaurant Concept

The first thing is to define the concept or style of the restaurant. After conducting market research and competition analysis, you already know who will appear on your premises and what they expect. Therefore, adapt the interior design to the needs of customers. You can try to incorporate your idea, although it will be safer to stick to one of the popular styles, such as the old west, minimalist, contemporary style or interiors reminiscent of the atmosphere of New York subway stations. Before starting a fast-food restaurant renovation, it is crucial to plan every detail, such as custom-made furniture that contrasts with the shades of the walls and premises or installing lighting that allows you to observe every detail.

Fast-food Restaurant Furniture

In fitting out a fast food restaurant, functionality is more important than any other aspect and is related to the rapid flow of customers. Therefore, that type of eaterie should offer a capacity of two to four people per table. Choose square or rectangular tables to optimize the space and chairs made of resistant materials. You can order custom-made, upholstered furniture, such as a hot dog sofa or a hamburger armchair. The whole you can complement by pillows in the shape of tomatoes and cucumbers. A very literal approach to the subject makes it difficult to remain indifferent to this furniture.

American-style Restaurant Furniture

The most characteristic of American-style fast-food restaurants is furniture such as red sofas and armchairs made of material imitating leather. The tables are usually simple and covered with white and red oilcloths. Floors covered with black and white tiles. Bars in American-style fast-food restaurants have a streamlined shape and a specific design. Decorations are a crucial element that introduces a unique atmosphere to the interior. There are often posters or metal number plates on the walls. When arranging a restaurant interior, it is also worth choosing gadgets characteristic of the American style, such as a jukebox or a popcorn machine. Thanks to this, guests visiting will feel as if they have moved to restaurants they know from movies.

Fast Food Restaurant Lighting

  It is important to use bright light in fast-food restaurants, such as artificial lighting and all kinds of ceiling, table and floor lamps. Skilful placement of artificial light sources will help you create a unique atmosphere in the restaurant. If the restaurant has large windows allowing natural light, you should install artificial lighting only in areas that require it.

Colour Palette in Fast-food Restaurants

The colour palette to decorate fast-food restaurants should consist of bold colours as they whet guests appetite and energize the surroundings. Red, yellow, blue, fuchsia, black and lime green are just some of the alternatives that will attract guests’ attention from the moment when they look at the logo or enter the premises. When it comes to wall decorations, use paintings, photographs or props related to the concept chosen for your restaurant. They will give a more realistic look and make it easier for the client to capture the style.