A Guide to Selecting the Best Restaurant Furniture Supplier

  The decor, equipment and furnishings of the restaurant significantly influence the behaviour of potential customers. Apart from delicious dishes in a well-composed menu, they expect an appropriate atmosphere. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the overall appearance of the dining room, and in particular to the equipment such as furniture, dishes or cutlery for guests because they will use them the most. Hospitality experts agree – aesthetic furniture is the best solution to improve quality and increase guests’ satisfaction. How to choose the best restaurant furniture supplier?

Quotation of Custom Furniture Design for a Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is a challenge in terms of organization and finance. The whole process involves many aspects that less experienced entrepreneurs may not be aware of at first. As a provider of comprehensive solutions for the hospitality industry, we have collected a few tips to help future restaurateurs decide how to choose the right contractor. Many restaurateurs use the services of an interior designer to prepare the plan for a new restaurant. Designers create concepts, communication, layout, functional systems, sometimes even technological designs. Therefore, consider the scope of the designer’s work and make sure that the project includes a furniture design in it. A well-prepared plan, including dimensions, functional division, and selected materials, will speed up the process of collecting offers from contractors. Inaccurate projects without materials selection and solutions will leave too much understatement to companies supplying furniture for restaurants. It might result in difficulties in selecting objective and simple criteria for evaluating offers. For example – the selection of materials and their substitutes significantly affects the price and quality of solutions – an attractive offer may later turn out to be a mistake unless you have extensive knowledge of the furniture market and the available materials.

Comparing the Offers of General Contractors

Experienced contractors have a large occupancy. If you search well, it is easy to find a cheaper offer than provided by a proven contractor. Each investor looking for furniture for a restaurant has different priorities and criteria for evaluating an offer. However, there are always crucial elements that include:

  1. Contract. Check whether the company offers its model contract. Does it contain provisions regarding payment terms and contractual penalties for delays? Does the contractor provide a guarantee and offer repairs also after the end of work?
  2. Creating workshop documentation. Check whether the contractor’s work includes such documentation. Does the contractor submit it for approval to the ordering party, whether this documentation determines the method of contract performance, and is the basis for assessing the compliance of the goods with the contract?
  3. Installation. Check whether the offer includes the installation service.
  4. Materials. Check whether the contract or documentation specifies the selection of materials. Does the contractor provide samples of selected materials and solutions?
  5. Attestations, certificates. Some facilities, such as shopping malls, require tenants to indicate appropriate documents regarding the materials used, e.g. in the field of non-flammability.

Project Coordination

There are many types of restaurant furniture used in the design of hospitality establishments. This broad concept includes:

  • restaurant chairs
  • restaurant tables, high tables and coffee tables
  • bar counters
  • barstools
  • upholstered benches and sofas
  • restaurant booths
  • wine storages
  • custom-made furniture
  • suspended ceiling structures
  • custom made solutions made of stainless steel in kitchens

By completing all the necessary elements, you can choose between purchasing individual items in specialized companies or using comprehensive solutions provided by the contractor. Construction companies offering such solutions take the burden of coordinating work and orders, allowing the investor to focus on other crucial problems that multiply before opening the premises. At Buildeo London, we offer premium refurbishment services addressed to entrepreneurs from the hospitality sector. We deliver equipment for cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels.