Hotel Interior Design – What to Consider When Choosing Tiles

  Tiles have been decorative elements for centuries, both inside and outside homes, public buildings, places of worship, and more. Ceramic tiles are one of the oldest forms used in decorative arts, still valued for durability and stunning beauty. It is hard to imagine a hotel without tiles as they are one of the most popular interior design products present everywhere, in the lobby, in the bathroom, in the hallways, and on the walls. Creating your brand identity is possible thanks to a wide range of colours, patterns, and materials. Floor tiles are a practical, inexpensive solution to give hotel interiors a unique character, comfort, and cleanliness that guests will remember. When choosing floor tiles for a hotel, you should pay attention not only to aesthetics. Safety and comfort are of the utmost importance. So what to do to make the final good decisions?

Criteria for Choosing the Right Floor Tiles

  It is crucial to estimate how many people will be using a specific location. It is the starting point for further consideration. Based on this, you can make analyzes and make successful purchases. The easiest way is to choose floor tiles for existing hotels as there is the possibility of using historical data. The purchase of floor tiles for a new location is much more complicated. Therefore, it is worth consulting construction experts. Experienced construction experts usually compare data from other buildings. They assume that the same traffic will occur in two identical hotels located in cities with a similar number of inhabitants. Therefore, such data will help you in selecting the right floor tiles.

Tiles for Hotel Lobbies and Corridors

  Hotel lobby and hallway tiles are the first things guests see upon arrival. Tiles types largely depend on the hotel style. However, whether it’s a luxury hotel or a more low-budget venue, it’s important to choose tiles that are both attractive and practical. The tiles should be selected to create an eye-catching look and match the room function. They should fit well with other elements in the lobby and corridors. Tiles for hotel lobbies and corridors should be durable, resistant to heavy traffic, and non-slip. They should also have a high coefficient of friction when dry and maintain traction when the surface is wet or slippery. High-quality tiles can last for decades without needing to be replaced, so they don’t add to your hotel’s ongoing maintenance costs. They are especially beneficial in busy public places where they have to withstand heavy use day after day, week after week, year after year. The high-quality tiles require no maintenance except for the occasional sweeping or washing.

Stone Tiles for Hotel Floors

  Natural stone tiles are a luxury in themselves. These types of tiles look extremely elegant and effective in any space. Natural stone is a timeless and universal choice that helps to create a beautiful hotel interior design. A floor decorated with natural stone tiles will surely surprise guests with a stunning appearance. In addition to aesthetic issues, stone tiles are above-average durability and strength. These types of tiles will last for many years in intact condition. Of course, some types of stones require appropriate impregnation, which will protect the surface of the tiles against damage. When it comes to stone tiles for a hotel, one of the best suggestions is granite tiles. There are many advantages to using granite tiles in high-traffic areas. Granite tiles are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to discolouration and fading. They also add value to every real estate and is a popular choice among top hotel owners.

Granite Tiles for Hotel Floors

  Granite is an ideal proposition for hotels that want high-quality flooring that will last for years. Granite tiles can withstand even the highest traffic, making them ideal for areas such as corridors or hotel lobbies. Granite tiles are also easy to keep clean. Another advantage of granite tiles is their resistance to staining and fading. They will retain their colour and shine for years, even in direct sunlight.

Marble Hotel Flooring

 Another popular choice for a hotel is marble tiles. Marble hotel flooring is less durable than granite, but its aesthetic qualities make it popular in luxurious hotels. Marble is the definition of luxury and wealth, which is why a corridor or a hotel lobby decorated with this material has an extraordinary character that attracts guests.