The Importance of Electrical, Plumbing & Gas Fitting for Restaurants

  Equipping the restaurant with the necessary utensils, maintaining the proper technical condition of the building, supplying electricity, gas, water and sewage, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are just a few of the many obligations required from the owner before opening the premises. All of them must guarantee safety and comfort for both consumers and employees. Here, we explain the importance of electrical, plumbing and gas fitting for the food business and the advantages of hiring an experienced general contractor.

Electrical, Plumbing & Gas Fitting

  Installing new equipment is a crucial project. Restaurants need to follow strict legal conditions. If the appliances are not installed correctly and cause dangerous situations in an already challenging working environment, the owner may lose the license. You can avoid that problem by hiring commercial contractors specializing in electrical engineering, plumbing, and gas installations. They will be involved in the decision-making process and help you make the right decision if you share your business requirements with them. The consultation process will ensure proper implementation according to industry guidelines while providing the best value for money.

Electrical Services

  Due to the risk of electric shock, high humidity and temperature in a commercial kitchen, the rules for selecting electrical installation are very strict. Lighting for restaurants should provide adequate brightness in food preparation, storage and dining rooms. It should also affect the aesthetics of the restaurant’s interior and its character. It is also vital to use natural lighting, reaching the room through window openings and skylights. Their size should depend on the restaurant space. If your business is open during various meals, it is also worth adjusting the lighting.

  • Breakfast Use bright lighting when serving meals earlier in the day. Customers need bright light to wake up, read their newspaper and enjoy their coffee. Natural lighting works best.
  • Lunch Lighting should be moderate during lunchtime. More intensive lighting is perfect for fast-food restaurants where customers do not spend much time but buy and leave quickly. Lighting can help speed up your turnover and customer flow, which is crucial to consider if you want to improve your operations during the most demanding times.
  • Dinner The venues that sell the most for dinner create a more relaxed atmosphere. Dinner is the most popular time to go out for a meal as customers can sit and relax after a day. When you provide them with a relaxed atmosphere, they will stay longer and spend more.
Plumbing Services 

  Installation of cold water, hot water and sewage system in restaurants is crucial. Coldwater facilities come from the public water supply or, less frequently, from the own water intake. The internal water supply network should fit with the main valve to allow the water to be completely cut off in the case of a failure. The temperature of the hot water should be around 50°C. Often restaurants and hotels choose energy-saving solar installations, which allow obtaining hot tap water at reduced costs. Such projects are often co-financed from external funds. Restaurants and hotels shred large waste in special machines, mills mounted on sewage pipes, and use sewage neutralizers. In large hospitality establishments, specialists install degreasers and starch separators.

Gas Installation

   Gas installation is a necessary element of restaurant equipment. In small and medium-sized facilities, the gas installation is low-pressure. Each building must have a shut-off valve on the outside, and the rooms should be well ventilated. Licensed gas engineers never install systems in attics or under the floor. Due to the high risk of gas explosion and the possibility of poisoning, all gas installations and devices must be tight. Only proper use, frequent maintenance and inspection by authorized persons will ensure safe use. If you notice any leakage, ventilate the room