Aspects to Consider for Successful Hotel Renovation

  The changing design and decoration trends of hotels mean that the owners of facilities have to make decisions about refurbishment. Renovations of hotel interior take months, sometimes years and involve a significant amount of time and money. The more partners, contractors and suppliers conduct the entire process, the more difficult it is to implement the project. The final result may differ from the original idea of the investor. Therefore, in the beginning, it is crucial to understand the client’s requirements, the desired effect, define the scope of work, potential budget, and time or site-specific limitations.

Contact Hospitality Advisors

  Before any general hotel renovations, plan the cost of upgrading your property. If you want to use a subsidy, carefully analyze whether you are entitled to it and which programs to use. Ask for help from hospitality advisors who has previously carried out renovation projects for hotel facilities. As a result, you will not incur any unexpected additional costs. It will also save the time of carrying out renovation. After selecting an advisor, you should find the architectural office and the general contractor. They will present you with design projects that are attractive to our guests and analyze the technical parameters. It would be good if a hotel advisor could be involved in the whole process. Cooperation with a designer whose concepts implement the renovation team requires building a mutual relationship based on understanding and trust. Thanks to this, it will be possible to efficiently complete work, where each party will fulfil its tasks. Often, investors get involved in the project, clearly specifying their expectations. Thanks to this, every aspect is at the highest level.

Building a Team 

  To build a construction team you will need an experienced site manager. Coordination of communication between the hotel and the general contractor is another crucial factor. A single decision can affect all other project deadlines and budgets. Another important team member is the general contractor, who must have extensive knowledge and is skilful in managing periodic outages in water, electricity, gas, telecommunications and data services. There is still a shortage of skilled workers in many cities, and general contractors know the local labour market. An interview with the hotel’s engineering staff will enrich project knowledge and reveal operational issues such as the operation of building systems. It is not worth making a repair decision before the renovation starts, but only include solutions at the beginning of the budgeting process. A common problem in the hospitality industry is keeping the project schedule. If unexpected difficulties arise, there will be a need to add days or even weeks to the timeframe as all necessary change orders are written, approved and finally implemented in the field.

Building Materials for Hotels

  One of the factors is an adaptation to the vision of the designer or investor and choosing the right technologies as well as materials that will be attractive, durable and affordable. Hoteliers usually look for the optimal combination of visually and qualitatively attractive solutions. The durability of materials is vital in the case of furniture and equipment elements that are most exposed to use and therefore wear out quickly. In the case of hotels, these are mainly common areas, such as the reception, dining room, corridors, and some furniture in the rooms. Technology is another dimension of the optimized solution. When planning a hotel interior refurbishment, focus on the most used areas by people. They are susceptible to damage. Think about all weak points and reinforce them by using more durable materials for suitcase stands and special anti-moisture on bathroom window sills and countertops. Construction experts suggest using woodwork such as openwork panels for an attractive appearance. The effect will always be astonishing because natural materials have always been and will be the most desirable. However, in some cases, you need to consider both options and choose durability and functionality over the originally chosen type of material.