Quality Renovation of Commercial Kitchens

  The first step of an efficient commercial kitchen renovation is understanding the restaurant’s needs and preparing the renovation project. Logistics, permits, finding a general contractor and signing a contract are just some of the further challenges. However, without an efficient layout and modern appliances, the operation of the kitchen slows down commercial activity, generating losses and reducing productivity. A proper commercial kitchen remodeling can solve many problems and ensure a profitable operation.

Commercial Kitchen Design

   One of the crucial factors is the spaciousness of the rooms and their adaptation to the number of current and future employees. It is good practice, whenever possible, to leave a space for future extension. Proper installation of cabinets, countertops and devices will help kitchens operate on small surfaces. 

   Another determinant of a good commercial kitchen design is energy efficiency and modern appliances that will save energy, reduce the carbon footprint, and attract new customers to support companies that protect the environment. When designing a kitchen, you should consider the safety of employees, customers and safety standards during remodeling. Easy surface maintenance is also vital and allows employees to focus on more creative tasks.

Planning Commercial Kitchen Renovation

   The design, licensing and transportation can take even up to six months. There are many factors to consider, such as internal structures and development, electrical, plumbing, installations, gas services, suspended ceilings, and anti-slip flooring. Therefore, careful planning will avoid the absence of downtime and service interruptions. The obstacles are often related to access to restaurants, environmental protection or the historical location of the facility. Developing a detailed and thoughtful plan will help you overcome these challenges. When planning a refurbishment, restaurant owners should consider whether a remodel will help produce more food or better quality food. The answer to this question will help decide whether to install more advanced devices or upgrade older ones.

Construction Works and Hiring the General Contractor

  Building a team of people who work together is crucial for commercial kitchen remodeling. Finding an interior designer, construction team, electrician, gas engineer, carpenter, purchase of equipment or transport may be problematic for logistical reasons and delay the entire process of renovating a commercial kitchen. Additionally, construction experts must follow the requirements and meet standards. Therefore, it is worth using the services of a general contractor with appropriate qualifications and certificates. Buildeo London has many years of experience in construction projects implementation, refurbishing kitchen spaces, and assembling kitchen equipment. We can find the appropriate industrial equipment, commercial refrigeration equipment and help in safe installation.

Selection of the Renovation Plan 

  Renovation work disrupting customer service. Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose a method before remodeling. Every kitchen renovation is different, but Buildeo’s activities include comprehensive project management services. We prepare a plan and supervise work to optimize the operation of a commercial kitchen in various types of restaurants. Some restaurants owners prefer to divide the renovation process into stages. It will allow the premises to function throughout the entire redevelopment process. However, employees may find it challenging to carry out daily activities. Staged construction requires the coordination of employees’ tasks, and the whole process is usually slower. Another popular method is complete shutdown and restaurant redevelopment. It is the fastest way to remodel a commercial kitchen and is often necessary for major commercial kitchen renovations. However, this model is costly for companies, preventing them from serving customers during the renovation. It is a beneficial method for restaurants that operate seasonally.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Installation

  When deciding to renovate with Buildeo, you do not have to worry about individual aspects of the project because you work with an experienced contractor. In addition to ensuring a secure connection, we provide the equipment that meets your specifications and is precisely suited to your kitchen. We also carry out detailed checks to avoid unpleasant surprises.