5 Signs Your Hotel Needs Renovation

  Ensuring that your hotel is in the best condition is vital for guests’ experience. A positive experience means returning guests and generating more revenue. On the other hand, if a hotel is in poor condition, guests will be dissatisfied, they will post bad reviews online, the hotel’s reputation will suffer, and business will decrease. Wear and tear are inevitable, but hotel owners must keep up with necessary repairs and design trends. Avoiding renovation can reduce the attractiveness and value of your property. It is crucial to understand the renovation cycle and to be able to determine when it is time for hotel renovation.

Time For Hotel Renovation

  So when is the best time to renovate a hotel? According to experts, they are three cycles in the hospitality industry: 

  • Refurbishment – refreshing soft elements, such as wall coverings, tiling, carpeting, bedding and drapes, should be refreshed every five years.
  • Basic renovation – includes the elements of refurbishment and additionally replacing the hotel furniture and lighting, upgrading the bathrooms and kitchens, and overhauling hotel lobbies and common areas. Basic renovations are scheduled every 9 to 12 years.
  • A complete renovation is recommended every 15 to 20 years and includes total building restoration, such as upgrading mechanical systems, roofing and hotel exteriors. This type of renovation could lead to the complete remodeling of hotel space for more revenue-generating purposes.

  Here are some vital considerations to determine the need for hotel renovation.

1. Dirty and Worn-Out Carpets

  It is vital for a positive guest experience that the floor and carpets are clean and in the best condition. Nobody wants to stay in a hotel room with dirty, stained, or damaged carpeting. These are all signs that hotel refurbishment is required. Remember to refresh carpets in hallways, lobbies, and other hotel areas.

2. Poor Flooring and Damaged Tiles

  Over time, tiles or floorboards in some rooms can lose their connection and pattern, becoming loose and squeaky. These problems can also occur if the floor is not installed correctly. It can also impact the guest experience, as damaged hotel flooring creates noise that can disturb guests in or below adjoining rooms. Chips and cracks in tiles and other flooring materials can become a hazard. The experienced general contractors will always make sure that the hotel flooring is installed appropriately to extend its exploitation and keep the low level of maintenance.

3. Signs of Mould

  Mould grows in areas with increased moisture and humidity and typically appears in bathrooms or within hotel walls where internal leakages are not visible. It can also grow in carpeting or near air conditioners. Mould looks unpleasant and can become a health hazard for guests and hotel employees. Apart from visible signs, a musty odour often appears near affected areas. If you see the first signs of mould, call the hotel renovation experts and get rid of it before it becomes a bigger problem.

4. Damaged or Outdated Furniture

  The hotel furniture should be clean, in good condition, and updated styles. Replace damaged furniture or fixtures as soon as possible to prevent guest discomfort and safety hazards. To provide the best customer experience, hotel owners should consider updating the furniture in guest rooms and other hotel areas such as conference rooms, lobbies, restaurants etc. Custom-made furniture is the solution for creating unique hotel interiors.

5. Faulty Lighting and Hotel Appliances

  Updating plumbing systems and electrical installations and investing in LED light bulbs and quality appliances with EPCs will ensure a better guest experience and help to save money in the long term. Lighting fixtures and lamps in the rooms should be in updated styles and match the hotel’s interior design.

  If any of the above signs occur at your hotel, you should consider refurbishing to keep the guest experience at the highest level. A newly renovated hotel is more likely to have more satisfied guests and earn more revenue. When it is time for hotel renovation, you should hire an experienced general contractor and interior designer. Look for renovation services with proven experience, and check their portfolio to view their previous projects.