5 Reasons to Invest in Custom-Made Hotel Furniture

  Hotel furniture is crucial for the success of the hospitality facility, where the range of hotel renovation cycles is usually 3 to 6 years. The trends are constantly changing, and with a variant of design options, the main goal is to satisfy guests’ senses. Custom-made hotel furniture is currently one of the biggest trends in the hospitality industry, and hoteliers choose customized furniture over mass-produced furniture. The quality of a hotel can be improved through personalization. If you would like to create a unique place that will make your guests feel special, bespoke hotel furniture is the best choice. There are many benefits to customising your furniture. Therefore, it is worth considering when starting a hotel renovation or rebranding project.

  1. Personalization and Consistency with the Hotel Brand

  The main advantage of custom-made hotel furniture installation is the possibility of personalization. Customized furniture provides the uniqueness of the space and reflects the concept of the hotel brand. The project owner can modify every element, including the type of material used, the colour and the fabric, or even the type of sewing for upholstered furniture. The number of doors and drawers in wardrobes and cabinets can also be modified to meet guests’ needs and easily fit the available space. In recent years, hotels have opted for furniture with a personal touch over mass-manufactured design elements. Unique patterns and vibrant colours make the room more personalized and inviting. 

  1. Ergonomic Design and Space Optimization

  Each hotel space is different, resulting in various sizes and types of rooms. The mass-manufactured furniture has a fixed size and style, which causes many limitations in the hotel interior design. Pieces made to order have an ergonomic design that can be adapted to specific spaces. Refurbishment experts always cooperate with interior designers, so they can perfectly match furniture to any type of room, creating a unique and functional place. The hotel consists not only of guest rooms but also a lobby, reception desk, and other areas that require periodic refurbishment and replacement of furniture elements. Hotel renovation specialists often offer bespoke joinery services, and that is also extremely helpful in arranging remarkable and ergonomic hotel interiors.

  1. Guaranteed Quality and Attention to Detail

  Hotel furniture is very often exposed to damage. Made-to-order furniture is the best solution to this problem, thanks to the use of wear-resistant and fireproof materials. Implementation of advanced technology ensures product quality and extends the life of the elements. A vital benefit of using custom-made furniture is the possibility of matching detailed elements to the existing hotel furniture. That allows for maintaining continuity and coherence with the entire hotel decor. 

  1. Efficient Management of the Renovation Cost

  Going for this type of furniture makes it easier to control the renovation cost. Opting for custom-made furniture allows hoteliers to achieve a bespoke look without going over the budget. Hotel renovation experts will always advise on the selection of the most appropriate materials for the project while maintaining the costs. This solution is also cost-effective because by choosing the suitable material, upholstery, or wood, we extend the time until the next renovation.

  1. Complete Flexibility and Improvement of the Guest Experience

  Mass-produced furniture often has to be ordered in sets, while custom-made furniture gives much more flexibility in terms of the number of pieces, configuration, and dimensions. This option allows close cooperation with the general contractor to make any necessary adjustments during the execution of the project to achieve the best results. Customizing hotel furniture opens a range of possibilities for you and your guests. One of the most successful ways to improve the hotel experience is to survey guests about their needs and expectations. Custom-made hotel furniture allows hotel managers to give their guests an unforgettable experience.