The Most Common Problems and Solutions for Hotel Bathrooms

  After the reception desk, the bathroom is the second showpiece of every hotel. Upon entering a room, hotel guests pay particular attention to the restroom’s facilities, cleanliness and design. When managing a hotel business, correct bathroom design is a common issue. It is often the case that even the best designers have a problem with the planning of a hotel bathroom interior, which must not only be visually appealing but, above all, should be functional. The most common problems of the hotel bathroom renovation process are so recurring that it is possible to counteract them effectively at the planning, arrangement or exploitation stage. The most effective solutions are built on tried and tested ideas and a thorough analysis of customer satisfaction surveys.

Ventilation Problems

  Faulty ventilation in a hotel bathroom is one of the most common complaints reported by guests. Foggy mirrors and unpleasant odours are only some of the consequences of this issue. More serious ones, such as dampness and mould growth, are factors which may rule a room out of use. That is crucial to ensure the ventilation system is in good working order. It is worth making this system independent of the “electronic key”, which disconnects the electricity from the entire living unit when removed.

Poor Quality of the Materials

  Even the best refurbishment teams can be in trouble if the hotel owner decides on poor-quality solutions when renovating bathrooms. It is essential to choose products with a multi-year guarantee, only first-class and with complete technical documentation. The failure of any component results in losses generated by renovation costs and the temporary exclusion of the hotel room from use. The facilities in a hotel bathroom should last for many years. Ceramic tiles and fugue, as well as wash basins, toilet seats and shower glass, should be able to resist daily detergent scrubbing.

The Problem with Unexperienced General Contractors

  Hiring inexperienced general contractors is a problem for the entire construction industry. Hotel bathroom fitting takes time, precision and experience. It is worth hiring a qualified team with proven experience in hotel renovations. Otherwise, we risk additional costs, project delays, and final work not meeting the desired standards.

Best Solutions to Avoid Problems when Refurbishing Hotel Bathrooms

  1. Carefully plan your budget – preferably a separate one for the hotel bathrooms.
  2. Hire a general contractor with proven experience in hotel refurbishment.
  3. Use only high-quality materials and bathroom fittings that meet all standards.
  4. Choose solutions that emphasise the cleanliness of the bathroom.
  5. Avoid white grout and materials that are high maintenance.
  6. Ensure that the acoustics in the bathroom are maintained, as this is crucial to the guest’s comfort.
  7. Ensure that the ventilation meets all standards, as it is essential for health, safety and maintenance.
  8. Install good bathroom lighting, especially at the mirror.
  9. Use solutions that optically enlarge the space of a small bathroom, for example, white, glossy glaze, mirrors, and contrasting accessories.
  10. Be aware of guests with mobility difficulties, and consider their needs in designated hotel rooms and public bathrooms.
  11. Consider underfloor heating to give your guests comfort and save space.
  12. Install comfortable and functional walk-in shower cabins.
  13. Ensure the bathroom interior design is style-consistent with the overall hotel space.
  14. Consider a unique hotel bathroom design to provide guests with an unforgettable visual experience.

  When planning the renovation of hotel bathrooms or arranging spaces for a new venture, the above guidelines will be helpful to make the project go smoothly and cost-effectively.