Things to Consider Before Restaurant Renovation

  Excellent food is not the only factor for success. The right décor is also key to a profitable restaurant, as it helps to conjure up a unique atmosphere, stand out from the competition and attract new customers. A well-designed interior is crucial in the hospitality sector. According to the experts, restaurant space with an original design boost revenue. Whenever opening a new business, rebranding, or planning a restaurant renovation, there are a few things to consider before starting a new project. 

Precise Renovation Plan

  Without a well-considered plan, it will be hard to achieve efficient restaurant refurbishment. When renovating an existing establishment, you should consider that every extra day of work for the renovation team will mean higher costs and lost business from guests not served. The decision on design style is also crucial at the planning stage. Whichever design type you choose, remember that all furnishings need to fit the size of the premises. So taking accurate measurements is a priority – this will allow you to choose the restaurant furniture that fills the space but doesn’t overwhelm it. It is worth ensuring that all stages of the refurbishment are well planned and that decisions are well analysed and made before work begins.

Manufactured, Custom-made, or Bespoke Furniture?

  The next step in the process of renovation is the purchase of furniture. In this case, you can choose between three solutions – opt for manufactured, custom-made or bespoke furniture. Each solution has its advantages. Ready-made furniture is often a cheaper option than pieces made to order. You can buy them without waiting for the production process. It makes them a better solution when the time is crucial. Mass-produced furniture often has to be ordered in sets. Bespoke and custom-made furniture gives much more flexibility in terms of the number of pieces, configuration, dimensions and choice of material. It also helps to create a unique space that will attract customers. 

The Right Lighting

  Without the appropriate lighting, the restaurant décor will not make the desired impact. Restaurant lighting is crucial in creating a unique atmosphere on the premises. The use of table light will enhance the appearance of the food. It is worth investing in quality, preferably energy-efficient lamps. Ideally, the light intensity should also be adjustable. The use of paraffin lamps will work in vintage-style restaurants, while neon lights and trendy LED strips are perfect for a modern, minimalist venue.

Kitchen Layout

  The kitchen interior is a vital element of the restaurant. A professionally arranged kitchen layout is crucial for efficient food production and overall business operation. There are several types of commercial kitchen layout designs to consider. The most commonly used are assembly line, zone-style, island-style, galley layout, and open kitchen. Each has unique advantages depending on the style of the restaurant, the type of cuisine served, and the available space.

Comfort and Aesthetics

  Arranging a restaurant is also about taking care of your customers’ comfort. So don’t forget tablecloths, comfortable and decorative cushions and little details such as napkins, cutlery containers, potted plants or flower vases. Comfortable upholstered furniture with a unique design will make a great addition to the overall décor. Make sure that the walls in your restaurant are not empty and bland. Original paintings and graphics will create a place with character.

Professional Support at Every Stage of Renovation

  The restaurant refurbishment is a complex project. Consider using professional help when planning it. Designing a kitchen that will be able to handle guests’ orders efficiently is quite a challenge. While it is best to discuss the kitchen layout with an experienced chef, it is advisable to hire an interior designer to avoid any mistakes. The company, which specialises in the design of catering and public facilities, will be well-versed in current trends and the specifics of the restaurant business. Because a comprehensive restaurant design, prepared by a professional, includes not only the interior design plan and table arrangement but also many other elements – such as the design of lighting or sound system corresponding to the interior. Without the necessary knowledge, it is simply not possible to carry out such projects on your own. A crucial addition to the support team is a professional renovation company that can quickly and efficiently implement the designer’s ideas. Such preparation for the renovation is beneficial for the final results.