How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant Furniture

  The décor of a restaurant is one of the vital investments determining its success in a challenging market such as hospitality. One of the most crucial aspects of running a restaurant is having a comfortable space for your guests. If you don’t have quality furniture in your restaurant, customers will not want to come back. That’s why it’s vitally important that you select restaurant furniture that is perfect for your establishment and will improve the guest experience and boost sales. Choosing the right furniture for a restaurant is essential when arranging the interior. Find out what to look out for when planning restaurant furniture.

Selecting Restaurant Furniture – Where to Start

Whether planning to renovate a restaurant or open a new business, ensure that you specify what furniture will work best for your restaurant. An essential element of planning a coherent restaurant space is to adapt the furniture to the type of cuisine and the target group. For example, the selection of furniture for a fast-food restaurant will be completely different from furniture tailored for a fine-dining restaurant. These two types of restaurants differ significantly in their target audience and dedicated dining times. Bespoke furniture is a great solution to help precisely customise restaurant furniture to suit the type of business.

Combine Functionality with the Comfort of Guests

When choosing restaurant furniture, combining functionality with guest comfort is essential to create a unique space. Choose tables suited to the ergonomics of the establishment, which will help waiting staff move efficiently around the dining room and serve food professionally. When choosing chairs, focus on guest comfort. By hiring an experienced renovation company that specialises in the refurbishment of commercial spaces, you can be sure to combine the functionality of your furniture with the comfort of your guests. General contractors also offer bespoke joinery services to enable the implementation of tailored solutions, such as a custom-made bar adapted to the shape and size of the premises.

Restaurant Furniture and Available Space

If you are looking for the ideal restaurant furniture, pay attention to the available space on the premises and the dimensions of the pieces. Ensure matching the number, shape and size of tables with the size of the room. Consider the capacity of the kitchen and the number of servers. The more large tables you set, the more staff you will need. Besides, too much furniture in a small space will make it difficult for guests and restaurant staff to move around. If guests sit too close to each other, they may not feel comfortable, and the sense of intimacy and familiarity will disappear. Tables must also not be too small, as they will not provide enough space for plates, drinks, starters and cutlery. When choosing catering furniture, consider both the surface area of the table tops and the size of the furniture. Large wooden tables and benches look cosy but take up a lot of space.

Restaurant Interior Design – Dry Run

Before ordering restaurant chairs, counters, tables, shelving or other furniture, let’s take a moment to consider the implications of each of these choices. If the kitchen in the restaurant is to be open-plan, think about what guests will see and whether it will appeal to them. A shelving unit with a selection of wines served on the premises can be a part of the interior design and division of its space, as long as it doesn’t hinder the staff’s ability to communicate and serve customers efficiently. When the most popular global fast-food chain was starting, before opening, they drew out the entire restaurant kitchen with chalk on a large pitch. Employees were simulating work, and the owner was measuring serving times. Let this be an inspiration to restaurateurs. It is hard to overestimate the importance of the layout of the restaurant space for the reliable and efficient operation of a food outlet.

Choosing Restaurant Furniture – Worth Knowing

Tabletops should have dimensions that enable the guests to eat comfortably. The chair seat should be about 18-20 inches above the ground. Soft backrests are also worth consideration. The furniture should emphasise the style of the premises and correspond to the concept and assets of the space. Elegant wooden tables and chairs with soft upholstered seats would be ideal for a cosy restaurant. To achieve modern and unique décor, consider custom-made furniture, vibrant colours and original shapes. To enhance the dining experience, ensure the furniture allows guests to eat in a comfortable position. The choice of furniture is a vital step when arranging a restaurant space. It highlights the interior design and improves the comfort of your guests. Ensure using high-quality furniture made with easy-to-maintain materials. For tailor-made solutions, bespoke furniture would be the best choice.