Into the Woods – Exclusive Hospitality Flooring

   Wood is the most natural and traditional floor covering. The wooden floor has a unique charm, incomparable to any artificially produced materials. The market for construction supplies is full of products that imitate wood. Unfortunately, flooring from plastics falls apart, wears out or becomes ugly after a few years of use. Surrounding with natural materials is healthy not only for our well-being but also for the entire body. With proper care, a wooden floor in a high traffic space, such as a hotel or restaurant, is easy to maintain an immaculate appearance. It does not require extended sustenance but rather the systematic use of good-quality parquet care products.

Advantages of Wooden Floors

1. Appearance 

  • Natural character. The wooden floor can refer to classic architectural styles, such as modernism or rusticism or emphasize modern eco trends. The solid board bring Scandinavian features to restaurants and hotels.
  • Versatility. The wooden floor also offers many arrangement options and serves as a perfect background for various interior design trends – it will work both where it is supposed to be elegant and where we want a raw, industrial character. Parquet or boards is the perfect solution in spaces where minimalism is to prevail.
  • Warm-natural. Boards create a unique atmosphere in hotel or restaurant spaces, associated with cosiness and home warmth. Solid wooden floors are the first choice in mountain huts with fireplaces and apartments – in living rooms or bedrooms.

2. Functionality

  • Durability. The boards made of solid wood are thick, and being a compact whole, they show excellent resistance to breaking or load. In this matter, they are much superior to panels and boards.
  • Renewable surface. Solid wood is perfect for renovation. The oak parquet or a floor made of planks is easy refreshed to look new again. 
  • Insulating properties. Due to their thickness and density, solid boards do not conduct heat and sounds. Therefore, they provide a quiet and separate base from the cold. Their surface is also warm to the touch. The wooden floor has excellent acoustic properties.
  • Health. Wooden floors create an antistatic floor, which prevents the formation of allergens. Additionally, it works with the humidity and temperature of the air, perfectly adapting and helping to achieve the appropriate climate in the room.
Raw Floorboards and Parquet

   When renovating a hotel or restaurant and you do not want to overpay, you can save by preparing before buying. Choose raw floorboards, as those with a pre-finished surface, will be much more expensive. Where the floor will be exploited, lay exotic wood as it is hard. Cover the surface with varnish or another protective coating. Raw wood can be oiled, which gives you more freedom in ongoing care. It will be possible to repair a parquet or a board locally. The finish will provide a warm, natural and tasteful appearance. However, the intensive use of any flooring type is associated with its destruction and abrasion of the top layer. Even the most advanced maintenance methods do not provide 100% protection against scratches, dents or abrasion of the paint. Wooden floors are perfect for hospitality interiors. They go well with metal, plastics and glass. They also look fantastic with other types of wood, textures or colours.