Top Benefits of Custom Made Hotel Reception Desks

The reception desk is one of the most representative elements of the hotel interiors. Design freedom is limited only by the ingenuity of architects and the character or the history of the building. The hotel reception is a work environment for people who welcome hotel guests. It is essential to facilitate the work of hotel staff while adhering to the principles of ergonomics.  Therefore, high-quality, personalized, custom-made reception desks are the best solution for hotel space arrangements. 

Custom Made vs Purchase

  It is much easier to purchase a ready-made counter, but a custom-made reception counter will be more effective. The ordered counters are in harmony with the character of a space. It is possible to equip them with additional elements, add a colour, backlight and a company logo. A custom-made reception desk is also easier to adapt to the specific needs of the service. Individual projects may take non-standard forms and unusual dimensions. Additionally, you can choose the materials, style and decorative details.

Reception Desks Requirements

  When deciding on a custom-made reception counter, you have a lot of freedom as to its appearance. However, you must ensure that the design takes into account particular requirements. 

The reception desk should:

  • allows  to work both standing and sitting;
  • be equipped with a large tabletop that will facilitate the work
  • be ideally suited to the growth of employees

It must also consist of a few elements such as:

  • worktop, intended for the duties of the employee
  • service table, dedicated to customers
  • side shelf for storing documents

It is also worth taking care to adapt the reception desk to the needs of disabled people.

Wooden Reception Desk

  Wood is a raw material that adds elegance and warmth to the interior. Wood is also considered a very durable material. A wooden reception desk is a piece of furniture that is easy to keep clean. Thanks to this, the interior looks neat. It is worth emphasizing that the reception desk made of this material fits perfectly into the timeless trend for natural design solutions. Recently, popular are reception counters in which wood is a decorative element. An example of such a solution is a decorative front made of natural wood.

MDF Board Reception Desk

  Reception desks made of MDF board and HPL laminate allow you to give the reception any colour, matte or gloss, and even the most sophisticated shapes. Varnished boards are suitable for any luxurious interior.

Stone Reception Desk

  A modern, reception desk made of stone is a great way to enchant customers with a unique design. The advantages of such a counter are its exceptional durability and strength. It is worth adding that the counter made of this material gives the interior elegance and emphasizes its modern character, positively influencing the reception of the entire room. This type of reception is perfect for a modern hotel. Visitors will find the interior aesthetic and professional. When deciding about a reception desk, consider a custom-sized reception desk with a natural stone countertop. The most durable and damage-resistant raw materials are natural stone, quartz sinter and Corian.