Bespoke Hotel Furniture – Designs Easy to Adapt

  Inadequately selected furniture, uncomfortable sofas and chairs can cause unpleasant associations related to an overnight stay in hotel interiors. Guests may be overwhelmed by the chaos of the interior arrangement. Therefore, it is worth investing in modern hotel furnishings such as bespoke furniture that will last for many seasons. The hotel’s lobby, reception, restaurant and rooms will keep guests happy to come back. Additionally, guests who feel comfortable in the room and public areas will most likely recommend the hotel to others. In the longer perspective, it will translate into growth from investment.

Specify the Hotel Guests Profile

  Before you order hotel furniture for the lobby, reception or rooms, carefully define the profile of hotel guests. Think about what kind of interior they will love. Will they prefer a luxurious, intimate or functional interior design? Try to adjust the furniture design to the traditions and advantages of the region. The custom-made furniture purchase will allow you to complement the decor to the assumed project and the guest’s expectations. The safest is to choose a combination of classic forms and modern design.

Hotel Furniture Styles

  Hotel furniture is a crucial factor in shaping hotel decor. However, it is hard to define one universally applicable design trend. Often, hotel furniture designs combine styles from many eras, guided by originality or pragmatism. Hotel furniture is usually classic or modern style. However, it is not easy to separate the classic from the modern furniture fittings. Functionality is a crucial feature of furniture. From the reception desk, through the lobby, restaurants and bars to the hotel room, it provides guests with comfort and pleasure. Despite the strict rules of ergonomics that guide the furniture makers, there is no shortage of new ideas. However, many contemporary, considered modern designs draw on patterns from earlier designs. In this case, modernity is a skilful adaptation of classic solutions.

Modern Hotel Furniture

  Modern hotel furniture is also a combination of sophisticated design and the rules of classically understood utility. Sometimes the process is reversed, designing a classic-looking piece of furniture consistent with the modern furnishings required in today’s hotels. A strong trend related to modernity is the use of newer, environmentally friendly technologies and materials, sometimes when creating very classic furniture. It is also worth considering the purchase of traditionally manufactured furniture, referring both in appearance and the production method to old masterpieces of carpentry handicrafts. This kind of hospitality art is limited to exceptional designs and meets decorative needs rather than functionality.

Custom-Made Bed in a Hotel Room

  The main element of hotel room equipment is a bed which is a crucial factor in whether a room will appeal to guests. Their sleep depends on a comfortable bed, and the next day and visiting new places depends on good sleep. So they want to sleep as comfortably as possible. Bespoke beds for the hotel are the perfect solution because you can adapt them to any space. It is good if there is a comfortable bedside table next to the hotel bed for various small items such as a telephone or a book, as well as adequate lighting that will give elegant, slightly dimmed light. Another element of a custom-sized bed in a hotel room is a headrest, which strongly influences the convenience and comfort of sleeping and relaxing in the hotel.

Custom-Made Desk in a Hotel Room  

  Another piece of furniture that increases the comfort of using a hotel room is a custom-made hotel desk that can be adapted to any, even the most dimensionally challenging nook. A desk in a hotel does not have to be very wide. All you need is a small piece of furniture that can accommodate a lamp and a laptop. In larger hotel rooms, you can add a desk with an additional locker or drawers for small items, documents, and office accessories. Useful in the case of a business trip.