How to Design a Bar to Enhance the Customer Experience

  Opening a pub or bar is a seemingly simple business. In addition to the enormous amount of work, investments related to the adaptation of the premises, purchase of equipment, obtaining specific permits, and wise financial decisions, it is vital to take care of the atmosphere of the place. All these factors will allow you to stand out from the competition and build a valuable relationship with customers, which in the long run will translate to business success. As much as 60 per cent of the premises are closed during the first three years of operation. In order not to belong to this group, choose remarkable bar interiors. The hospitality industry hates colourlessness. Therefore, the premises must have the character to survive in today’s market. 

Bar Floor Plan

  When choosing the size of the premises and planning a bar floor plan, always consider the potential number of seats. The appropriate bar architecture and interior design project will allow you to find additional space. The choice of the number of seats often determines the bar character. Different types of premises operate well in particular places. 

  The place with a small neighbourhood pub with a local clientele will be dissimilar to an extravagant pub closer to the city centre. The optimal number of seats in larger bars exceeds 200. The bar location is also crucial, and its visibility is the key. Regardless of the choice of place for a bar or pub, it is worth making an inventory and inspection of the technical condition of the building and the entire infrastructure, pipes, cables or electrical devices. Architectural plans and the cost of bar renovation will largely depend on these factors.

A bar floor plan should include:

  • the entrance
  • doors
  • windows
  • emergency exits
  • a full bar
  • dining and seating areas
  • the kitchen
  • preparation areas
  • a dish area
  • outdoor seating areas
  • entertainment area
  • staff areas and offices
  • cashier stations
  • toilets

Bar Equipment

  The opening is related to collecting the necessary bar equipment. Even a place serving mainly beer will need a bar installation, refrigerators and a dishwasher. You will also need a TV or projector to broadcast sports events. Then it will be easier for you to attract a clientele. If you do not have time for collecting hire an experienced general contractor who knows the required standards. 

  Buying all these devices, especially new ones, can significantly increase the cost of opening a pub. To avoid this, you can look for bargain offers for used equipment. Equipment rental or leasing can also be a great idea. Then you only bear the fixed monthly costs related to their use. An additional benefit is an access to high-quality, new devices and full-service care. 

Pub Furniture Buying

 The right choice of commercial furniture has a significant impact on the success of the bar. Thanks to that it is possible to stand out from the competition. However, the bar furniture design must be consistent with the interior.  When buying furniture or ordering custom-made furniture for the bar, you cannot forget about a few crucial elements of the equipment, such as:

  • the dining table
  • the bar table
  • the poseur table
  • the coffee table
  • bar stools
  • pub chairs and seating
  • benches for bars
  • pub sofas