Best Solutions for Commercial Interiors Renovation

  Commercial interiors such as restaurants, coffee shops, tea rooms or bars should be functional and visually appealing. Whether you are planning to open a new place or renovate an existing establishment, designing a unique interior will result in a successful business. Commercial renovation differs from the refurbishment of residential premises. Creating an atmospheric space that is both practical and comfortable can be a difficult task. How do you design the perfect restaurant or café space? How do you create a coherent project that meets the needs of different types of customers? What design style to introduce into the interior of the establishment? This article will answer these and many other questions.

The Key Elements in the Interior Design of Catering Establishment

  It is essential to adapt the décor to the character of the café or restaurant. However, you should consider a unique design to distinguish the establishment from other places. Creative and original design style will bring more customers. It is crucial to match the number of tables to the size of the room so that there is comfort for free movement and an area of intimacy for meetings and conversations. The key is to measure the distances between the tables to achieve the desired effect, especially in a small space. When designing public areas, ensure it is suitable for people with disabilities. Working on a project with an interior designer can be very helpful. Lighting is another vital element in commercial interior design. The appropriate selection of lighting contributes to the ambience. The use of colours is also crucial to the character of the space. The choice of colour in the guest area affects the appetite and creates the atmosphere.

Café and Restaurant Décor – Which Interior Style to Choose?

  The décor style of a catering establishment creates the uniqueness and character of the place. Modern interior design is the most common and practical style for catering premises. The main principle of this style is that all furniture and decoration should be simple and functional. The rustic style is known for its variety of natural and organic décor components, such as raw wood or stone. The use of plants and farm elements creates a cosy ambience. Consider custom-made furniture for uniqueness. The industrial style takes inspiration from factories, warehouses and other industrial interiors. This kind of design exposes architectural elements and uses raw materials to create a unique look. The vintage-style décor emanates a charming atmosphere with vintage decoration and elegant furniture.

How to Choose Furniture for a Coffee Shop or Restaurant?

  The décor creates the atmosphere and ambience of the place, and furniture has a crucial role in achieving the right interior design. The selection of commercial furniture should depend on several factors, such as comfort, cost, style budget and durability. Café or restaurant furniture is a vital element of the décor. When choosing furniture for a commercial establishment, focus on the guest’s comfort and the size of the pieces. Try to save floor space, allowing more seating and enough room during busy periods. Bespoke furniture will allow you to match the size of the room. Upholstered furniture will give a unique character and make your customers feel comfortable. 

Planning and Installation of Commercial Kitchens

  Before starting the renovation, you need to plan the kitchen layout. Ensure that it fits the size of the room. Appliances should be placed and installed appropriately to ensure the best possible functionality of the kitchen. When designing commercial kitchens, provide space for basic operations such as delivery, storage, food preparation, cooking, service, returning dishes and cleaning. When selecting catering appliances, ensure following the health safety regulations. An experienced general contractor will guide you through the entire process, from commercial kitchen design to installation.

Hiring a Professional Company – First Step to the Success

  Whether planning to open a new business or refurbish existing premises, consider hiring an experienced renovation team. Choose a construction company with proven experience in renovating commercial spaces. Make sure to check out their portfolio to see their previous work. A general contractor specialising in commercial refurbishments often works with architects and interior designers and will therefore offer a comprehensive service.