How to Improve Your Restaurant and Boost The Business

  Making the right impression is vital in the hospitality industry. The most successful restaurants not only serve delicious food but also delight the guests with the interior. The role of the restaurateur is to create unforgettable experiences for diners and ensure that they will be happy to return. On the other hand, if the restaurant is beginning to look worn-out or out of date, it could be keeping customers away from returning. If you serve delicious food to your guests, but the turnover is far from the expected, it is time to consider restaurant renovation to boost your business. According to sources, restaurant remodeling can drive more sales compared to advertising.

Make a Plan and Set Your Goals

  Before the project starts, the restaurant owner needs to establish the reason for the renovation. It can be refreshing the decor, extension of the front of house space or restaurant rebranding. Most restaurants need repainting, new flooring, and tiling every few years. Some need to update their furniture and upholstery. Other establishments are trend-focused and might want to remodel to impress their customers. A restaurateur should plan everything carefully and set a realistic schedule and budget for the project to be successful.

Choose The Right General Contractor

  Restaurant refurbishment may require specific works regarding lighting, wiring, heating, air conditioning, painting, ventilation and water systems etc. Look for companies with experience in restaurant renovation. Ask for portfolios, search for online reviews or even visit their previous sites to check the quality of their work. Professionals will create a renovation plan and take care of the project to ensure that the process will run smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

Update Restaurant’s Furnishing

  The choice of restaurant furniture is crucial in a successful renovation project. It defines the style of the place, for example, lux, modern, mid-century, rustic or industrial. Custom-made furniture is the best solution to create a unique restaurant space. Updating the furnishings by changing the tables or placing newly upholstered chairs can help to increase customer satisfaction.

Apply New Lighting

  Appropriate lighting is one of the most vital elements of interior design. Consider installing restaurant lighting in layers to create the right ambience and sensual experience for the diners. Ambient lighting will help brighten up the entire dining area and create an atmosphere. Installing task lights above or near each table will only illuminate the tables, ensuring the intimacy of each table setting while providing enough light to read the menu. Accent lighting will highlight the bar area and artwork on the walls.

Install New Flooring

  Restaurant flooring is often affected by spills, crumbs and shoe marks. The choice of material is crucial to ensure that the floor will be attractive and low maintenance to hide those spills and stains. The types of flooring will depend on the style of the restaurant. Laminate is a practical choice to stand up to the daily wear and tear of the busy restaurant. Hardwood floors are durable, and stone will provide a high-end appearance and long-lasting use. Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for low-cost renovations, while tiles are a solution for commercial spaces because they are low maintenance and water-resistant.

Refurbish The Restroom

  The design of the customer’s toilet has become as important as the interior of the dining area. The restroom is an extension of the restaurant, and due to new trends, it is also a space where guests take selfies to post on social media. That makes the restaurant’s bathroom almost a separate element of the guest experience. Bright colours matching the restaurant’s décor will create an inviting area with a touch of character. Personalisation of restaurant restrooms gives the space uniqueness. It can be adding elements like scented candles, original light fixtures, customised mirror frames or an intriguing wallpaper. 

  To decrease refurbishing stresses, search for restaurant renovation services. An experienced general contractor often cooperates with the interior designer, which is the best solution to remodel your restaurant and create remarkable space for your diners.